OpRE has been designed to capture a sea-change in the approach of real estate investors. The days of sign-and-forget are over and investors are increasingly watchful of the sustainability of the occupying business.

Rather than real estate ownership, it is more and more about the provision of real estate as a service. The winners will be those investors who successfully reimagine the new opportunities.

At the core of “space-as-a-service” is hospitality. And real estate investors with a knowledge and understanding of hospitality will have the edge. Thus the “hotelisation” of real estate is the key trend.

OpRE benefits from its close links to Hotel Analyst, a co-owner of the event. Hotel Analyst has been the key intelligence source for hospitality investors within EMEA for close to two decades. And it is now pivoting its offer to reflect the “hotelisation” of real estate.

Below is a collection of articles, podcasts and reports from Hotel Analyst together with other insightful information which combined captures the fundamental transformation underway.