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OpRE Festival launched as new event for real estate investors

Published 12 September 2019

A new conference on Operational Real Estate has been launched by Bench Events and Hotel Analyst. The event takes place on 15th – 16th June 2020 in Amsterdam at the city’s former stock exchange Beurs van Berlage.

The OpRE Festival is a reimagining of conferencing to capture the current restructuring of the real estate industry. “Traditional real estate investors are facing fundamental change. We need a new event that addresses the needs of real estate investing in a new way. We’re calling it a Festival to reflect this rethinking,” says Jonathan Worsley, chairman of Bench Events and co-founder of the OpRE Festival.

The investor pool for real estate asset classes is beginning to merge, and it is coalescing around operational real estate. “We are seeing an increasing demand by investors to access the income streams of operational real estate. The days of siloed investing are over,” says Andrew Sangster, owner and editorial director of Hotel Analyst and the other co-founder of the OpRE Festival.

OpRE has been designed to capture this sea-change in the approach of real estate investors. The OpRE Festival will take participants beyond “show and tell” and enable a discussion geared around investment strategies.

The understanding of occupier needs requires a focus on providing service, a skillset which suits investors with a background in such industries, particularly hospitality. The two co-founders of OpRE have deep backgrounds in hospitality.

“I co-founded the most successful hotel investment conference in Europe, but the whole industry has now moved on. With this event I’m relishing the chance to build out something that will pave the way for the future of real estate investing,” says Worsley. Bench Events are the organisers of successful hotel investment conferences in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

The other co-founder of OpRE, Hotel Analyst, has, for nearly two decades, been the leading source of information for hospitality investors in EMEA. “We are at a crucial pivot in how real estate investing will be conducted. We see it as the hotelisation of real estate, where hospitality-like services are a critical part of any successful strategy,” says Sangster.

“With OpRE we are creating a unique event to capture the transformation of real estate investing towards space-as-a-service. It is a celebration, a coming of age, for all of us focused on an industry dedicated to the provision of service. There is no better term than a Festival,” adds Sangster.

OpRE has evolved from Hotel Analyst’s successful Hotel Alternatives Event, which has been held in London for the past five years. OpRE is a multi-day event featuring break-out sessions focused on hotels; student accommodation; senior living and healthcare; leisure, pubs and restaurants; and other emerging segments notably co-living and co-working but also including self-storage and data centres.

An advisory board of key investors in real estate is currently being assembled and will meet towards the end of this year to discuss OpRE Festival’s content. More details on the programme will subsequently be available.

For more information on OpRE Festival please see the website www.op-re.com.